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Award Winning Professional Belly dancer and Figure Skating Coach
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota651.210.4657
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How to hire me for your event!

Choose bellydance or Hula/Tahitian style dance performance for your event.

Bachelorette parties, baby showers, receptions, expos, birthday Bellygrams, haflas, restaurants, graduations, luaus, Polynesian events, etc.  No all-male parties please.

note: I bring a CD of music to all performances.  Let me know if I need to bring my own boombox or if you will provide a CD player.

Call, text me at 651.210.4657 or email me to set your date, time, location, price and option.  For locations more than 30 mimutes away from 55123 there is an additional mileage fee.
Option 3)  Performance and Group lesson (Bellydance)- For this event I will perform in costume for 5-10 mintues prior to teaching the group lesson.  Group lessons are 30 minutes long.  See above for description of group lesson.  Get the maximum bellydance experience with this option!  Rates start at $225 and up.

Option 4) Belly Grams - I can suprise your friend or loved one with a fun message and a short 5 minute dance in costume (Bellydance or Hula/Tahitian).  Great for birthdays and anniversaries!  Rates start at $100 and up.

Option 5) Request me to perform at Ansari's restaurant in Eagan.  You will be asked to pay for part of my bellydancer fee from the management.  This is an affordable option for those on a limited budget who would like to experience a live bellydance performance for a special occasion. This option is available some late night evenings after 9pm and also 7 days a week during afternoons.  Enjoy a meal during your show!  Inquire at Ansaries. (651) 452-0999  

Option 6) Social Bellydancing or Hula/Tahitian- You can hire me to bring style to your party without a formal dance performance.  I will attend your event in costume while mingling, dancing near guests, and helping to promote the atmostphere of your event.  No all-male parties, please.  All shows are family friendly. Rates start at $150 and up.

Option 1)  Performance only (Bellydance or Hula/Tahitian) - I will dance in costume for 30 minutes.  Of which, 20 minutes includes me dancing with various props.  The last 10 minutes I can include the audience in dancing with me by giving them a mini-lesson in bellydance technique.  Another option is to omit the 10 minute mini-lesson and just have me perform the entire 30 minutes.  Rates start at $175 and up.
Option 2)  Group lesson only (Bellydance)- I will teach a 30 minute group lesson on bellydance technique for your special event.  You provide the space and people!  Everyone is encouraged to wear fitness 
clothes, we will dance barefoot.  If you would like a longer pilates warm-up included, people can bring yoga/pilates mats but this is entirely optional.  A beginner level class is taught to all participants and coin scarves will be available for people to borrow or buy from me.  Rates start at $200 and up.

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