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My Skating Path
I started ice skating when I was 4 years old.  Group lessons bored me so I decided to skate around the entire rink hoping the teachers would chase me down.  Well that didn't go over well so my mother took me out of classes and tried again when I was 6 years old.  At this point I was ready for instruction and really loved passing thru the levels.  I was very successful in the Roseville skating school program that followed the Ice Skating Institute or ISI test structure.  
By the time I was 8 years old I was taking private lessons, competing in competitions and loving the 6 am practice times.  I couldn't wait to get to the rink and jump out on the ice, I thought about it every waking minute.   Around this time I joined the precision line team (now called Synchronized skating).   Those practices were sometimes at 4:45am so I was skating for about 3 hours before school even started.  The team was called the Crystallites and we became ISI National champions back in the 1980's.  
I competed locally and nationally as a soloist and in team events in every competition there was thru the ISI for many years.  When I was about 12 years old my coach suggested I join the USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association) so I became a member of the Roseville Figure Skating Club.  I began testing and competiting thriu this as well in freestyle and figures.  By the time I was in 8th grade I was invited to skate a solo program for the Annual ice show.  This was a prestigious honor and was reserved for only a handful of the top skaters in the skating program.  I continued soloing in shows thru college when I turned pro.  
My first year at Hamline University was the year I passed the newly invented skating test called Senior Moves in the Field, this was the highest level test in USFSA.  I also completed my Junior Freestyle test, 3rd figure and ISI Freestyle 8 test by this point as well.  Many local ice shows invited me to be their guest soloist that spring and I thought about joining Disney On Ice.  A photographer contacted me about doing some skating modeling and now sells an image of me for their business cards.  
My 2nd year at Hamline I was asked to help coach a hockey camp.  I loved it and my coach Cassie Joyce asked me to help teach the Junior club in Brooklyn Park.  From then on I was coaching all over the metro area during college.  It was common for me to drive to 3-4 rinks on a Saturday to teach skating lessons.  During college I lettered in soccer, participated in indoor track, was on dorm council, president of the psychology interest group, and was inducted into a few honor societies such as Pi Gamma Mu, Psi Chi and Phi Beta Kappa.  I double majored in Psychology and Anthropology while graduating cum laude.  My plan after college was to continue coaching skating and find another job with flexible hours.  
A few months after college I became the Eagan Skating School Director (1998).  I loved running the program.  It grew like crazy as I started a Synchro team, organized an annual ice show, holiday competition, and offered other new classes.  During these years I joined the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and began going thru coaches training.  I passed my 1st ratings test and became certified in Hockey skating.  I continue to attend seminars thru the various organizations to keep up on rule changes and other topics.  Around this time another photographer contacted me about modeling. I was photographed skating backwards for a computer ad in Enterprise Systems Journal magazine.  
Then Disney On Ice asked me if I could leave to go on tour in my second year of my job as skating director.  I turned them down since I really loved what I was doing and felt lucky to have the job I did have.  In my personal life I was dating a very talented figure skater named Keith.  We got engaged and then broke up.  Years later I ran into him again and became his skating coach.  He went on to become the United States National Figure Skating Champion at the adult Gold level in 2009 and continues to skate full time.  
In 1999 I started working with more hockey players and my future husband called me up for private lessons.   Soon after I was coaching players from the Adult Hockey Association in power skating clinics.  I was getting really busy coaching so I quit my job as Eagan skating director after 3 years and became Co-director of the Icettes High school skating team.  I traveled the country attending competitions to coach and judge at various events.  Around this time I started taking Ice Dance lessons and learning to partner with Andy Wisnewski.  
After I met David (my future husband) I really got into coaching more and more hockey players.  I even got asked to coach a group of guys from the AHL and found that I really liked working on the power skating side of the sport.  After I joined the Professional Skaters Association I became an accredited coach and was certified in hockey skills.  David and I married in 2002 and I continued with ice dancie testing thru the Silver dances until I was 7 months pregnant with my son Marcellus.   
I later quit working with the Icettes after 3 years due to scheduling issues but continued teaching group and private lessons.  In 2009 I became a Gold level Judge for ISI.  My daughter Persephone was born in April 2011.  After moving to Eagan, the local newspaper "The Patch" did a story about me as a skater and dancer.  I continue to coach figure skaters, hockey players and beginners in private and group lessons.

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